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It's essential that all the information you give us is correct. If it isn't, your insurance policy may not be valid or your insurer may refuse to pay any claim you make.

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What type of business do you want to insure?
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This helps us understand your business and needs. If you can't find your exact business type, please select the one that most closely fits your business.

Unfortunately there are some businesses we don't insure. If there is no match call us on the number above so we can check to see if we can help.

Please select the profession that most closely matches your business.

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Annual turnover is the total gross income generated by your business in a trading year (including VAT). If your business is a start-up, please provide an estimate for the first year.

If your turnover is greater than £750,000 please call us on the number above so that we can find you the best quote.

This includes all the money you receive, before paying any salaries, tax or sub-contractors.

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We will send your quote by email. If you buy from us, your policy documents will also be sent to your email address.

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One of our UK-based insurance experts may call you to help with your quote and to answer any questions.

If you buy from us, we'll call you if there's a problem with your policy or something important to tell you.

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If possible, please provide an alternative phone number in case Simply Business are unable to reach you on the number above.

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