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It's essential that all the information you give us is correct. If it isn't, your insurance policy may not be valid or your insurer may refuse to pay any claim you make.

Your rental property

What type of property do you want to insure?
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We can only offer landlord insurance for UK properties

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By 'purpose-built' we mean a building that was originally built as flats. This is different from a flat in a converted building, which may have been built originally as a single house or a non-residential building. If you own the entire building rather than a single flat in a building, please select the appropriate 'entire building' option.

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If you're not sure how old your property is, you can check your title deeds or contact the land registry. The architecture of the property may also help you to date it.

Your tenants

The entire property will be occupied when the policy starts.
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Choose a description that covers all of the adults who will be living in your property, not just the tenant(s) named on the rental agreement. Anyone who works more than 16 hours a week should be described as 'employed'.

The entire property will be occupied within 60 days of the policy start date.
The property is currently unoccupied
Checks are carried out on prospective tenants before any tenancy agreement is signed.
Select which checks are carried out:

Your contact details

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We will send your quote by email. If you buy from us, your policy documents will also be sent to your email address.

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One of our UK-based insurance experts may call you to help with your quote and to answer any questions.

If you buy from us, we'll call you if there's a problem with your policy or something important to tell you.

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If possible, please provide an alternative phone number in case Simply Business are unable to reach you on the number above.

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